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Running on Vegetable Oil ... Why Not?

Easy on the wallet - The initial small investment will pay for itself in less than a year! With gasoline prices as high and unpredictable as they are lately, Vegetable Oil is the likely alternative. It's highly available, affordable and burns slower than traditional fuel.

I want to say how we are grateful to for everything you have done.

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America has recyclable resources at every restaurant! Don't want to buy ANY fuel, no problem.! Most restaurant owners will gladly give it away! Stop losing your shirt at the gas pump!

America's Gold - There is an abundant amount of recyclable, safe and inexpensive energy resources right here in the USA. We can each make a difference in our growing dependency on foreign oil by simply not using it!Run on Vegetable Oil!

Saving the planet - Vegetable Oil runs much cleaner than than petroleum and helps preserve the environment. Emissions testing has shown it it be up to 75% cleaner!

Click to read more about emissions: Clean Air Act 1990

Start Recycling Today!
Veggie Oil Conversions

Convert your diesel vehicle to run on recycled, vegetable oil.

Filtered Veggie Oil
We offer filtering services and already filtered VO. We take filtering a step further than our competitors, our oil is filtered down to 1 MICRON! Your car will thank you for it!

Converted Auto Sales
Don't have a car to convert? We'll help you find one, or sell you one of ours!

Not ready to convert to SVO? Consider Bio-diesel; Another environmentally conscience and economical alternative fuel. Currently offering B100.